We've had a new favourite record for the last few weeks and we would like to tell you about it.


Artist: SuperJupiter
Title: 'You Know'
Label: Planet Clique
Amazingness: 98%

It sounds like Sparks and the Scissor Sisters and The Bloodhound Gang and O-Zone doing 'Funkytown' and 'New Gold Dream' and '9 To 5'. It is, like all the best pop songs, almost a novelty record and almost a properly cool 'club' 'banger', it's pop music that sounds like dance music and dance music that sounds like pop music, it includes the 'memorable' line "to heat things up I said I liked to lick my girlfriend's ass", it has a ludicrous metal spag-out in the middle eight, and it has anthem potential in every single nitespot from Hoxton to Tenerife. (Including Club Popjustice, where it has been 'tearing up the dance­floor' for the last few weeks.)

It is, basically, fucking ridicu­lous.

With a certain degree of inev­it­ab­il­ity you can listen to the track online at the band's MySpace page — www.myspace.com/superjupitermusic.

You will probably hate it and start going 'ooh Popjustice is shit' and 'Popjustice is not as good as it used to be' and 'Popjustice has com­pletely lost the plot'. Oh well!