broodsepartworksmallBroods, whose very excellent song 'Bridges' we went slightly mental about at the tail end of last year, have got a new EP coming out.

Like 'Bridges', the New Zealand brother-sister duo's EP is produced by Joel 'The Lorde Stuff' Little and it's really very good. We've put clips at the end of this post but what we are really here this morning to discuss is the EP's extremely good artwork.

It features GLASS BUSTS of Caleb and Georgia.

Here is a widescreen version that we nicked off the band's Twitter page by looking at the source code. If you click it you will get the full size jpg behemoth which you could perhaps use as a nice desktop back­ground.


Let's have a closer look at those busts.


Paperweights? Doorstops? Novelty salt and pepper shakers? The pos­sib­il­it­ies are endless. Mind you the thing with this pho­to­graph is that there is little sense of scale. Each bust might be as big as a house.

Do you think they did it using computers and tech­no­lo­gical dicking aorund? That would be a bit of a shame.

Below you will find the music, which in most instances would be KNOCKED INTO A COCKED HAT by artwork this tre­mend­ous, but in the case of Broods just fits in with the whole High Quality Pop Cultural Product theme.

The main song to keep an eye on is 'Never Gonna Change', which will be the band's first UK single, as they have now signed with Polydor over here (and Capitol in the US).

And here is the whole EP.