1. Nicola Roberts
When Lady Gaga met Nicola Roberts for that MTV thing last month she did so not knowing that, in the split second that they touched, she was handing over the Queen Of All Pop Music title. Perhaps it's just on loan. Perhaps Nicola will keep it forever. Only time will tell but what we do already know is that regard­less of how well it does — and beyond the usual risk asso­ci­ated with any pop launch there's the added question mark here over whether people really get her — Nicola's upcoming album is already a Popjustice classic.
» Nicola Roberts

2. Ronika
Every time one of her songs pops up in a playlist or on the office
stereo it feels unex­pec­tedly exciting. "WHO IS THIS?" someone will shout. "OH IT'S RONIKA. YES SHE'S QUITE GOOD."
» Ronika

3. CocknBullKid

Eight hundred years in the making and packing a harder, purer and move dev­ast­at­ing pop punch than this week's combined singles chart Top 10, CocknBullKid's debut album missed the Top 100 when it was released a couple of weeks ago. Now, we're quite busy for the next few weeks but when we've got a bit of time on our hands we are going to go from door to door, starting in London then spreading our work through­out the south east of England, finally taking in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And we are going to find out who purchased the album. We are going to give every single one of those people a cake. Everyone else will be put on an island and shot.
» CocknBullKid

4. Kaka
Swedish act Kaka's second album 'The Two' has been one of 2011's unex­pec­ted joys. Kaka's label have very kindly said that Popjustice viewers can have a free download of 'Worth Waiting For', which was recently a Popjustice Song Of The Day and is one of the album's best songs. You can grab the free MP3 here.
» Kaka

5. Fear Of Tigers
Fear Of Tigers has offi­cially been A Good Thing for some time and his regular podcasts are doing little to change matters. 
» Fear Of Tigers

666. Olly Murs
We are looking forward to this year's Xtra Factor. The prospect of Olly Murs' gormless LOLface gurning its way through hour upon hour of space-filling shit might not imme­di­ately grab you as any more pleasant than, say, a 24-hour Daisy Dares You Sings The Hits Of Pitbull marathon, but there is some top comedy on the horizon. We're not talking about the sketches and set-pieces he will present to the viewer with the misplaced pride of a cat dumping a twitching, half dead rodent on your pillow, because those will of course not be remotely amusing. We are talking about the fact that it will be funny watching an idiot flounder on live tele­vi­sion. And it will be a guilt-free pleasure, because we all know that as soon as the 'Olly Murs' persona is dead and buried, the comic mas­ter­mind behind that character will be able to move on and do it all over again with a new creation, just like Leigh Francis did when the Bo' Selecta char­ac­ters made way for Keith Lemon.
» Olly Murs