As has pre­vi­ously been discussed in these pages the new/current Nerina Pallot single 'Put Your Hands Up' is a jolly good listen and we would now like to present the song in two different flavours.

First, here is video footage of Nerina Pallot being musical in an acous­tu­lar fashion.


If you are thinking 'yes love that's great but how about some drum machines', you are in luck because the 'Put Your Hands Up (Like It's 1987)' version of the song that we should have written about around a fortnight ago is listen­able here…

…and pur­chaseable here.

Our favourite versions of 'Put Your Hands Up', therefore, are:

1. Proper Version
2. Put Your Hands Up Like It's 1987 Version
3. Acoustic Version

There you go.