We're not quite sure what to make of this image of McFly.

It was sent to us last night by the Cadbury Creme Egg marketing people because McFly have done a 'viral' or-whatever-the-fuck-it's-supposed-to-be video of Danny having his leg waxed with a Creme Egg (yes well done everyone) while the rest of the band watch on and that's fine but can anyone really look at this image…

…and not be left thinking that what we have in front of us here is not McFly and some Creme Egg residue but McFly covered in sperm? It looks like they have been properly jizzed on by a massive horse, or a group of gentlemen. Is anyone SERIOUSLY not thinking that?

Also, when you factor in The Wanted's spermface-related Make Mine Milk Campaign…

…what you have here is a boyband trend whose only logical con­clu­sion is One Direction on the receiving end of an indus­trial strength spunk cannon.



The Rage Against The Machine campaign was a stag­ger­ing piece of work but as piss-poor attempts to do it again begin to trickle through, a rather grim picture of the next twelve months begins to form.

We know the charts haven't ever been a level playing field but there will come a time very soon when even the most LOL-obsessed web warrior will tire of these aimless campaigns and long for a time when people purchase a tune because of some positive feeling towards the song and artist, rather than to make a point.

Good luck to the Florence brigade but for the time being we'll enter the next decade just as we entered this one: with a Simon Cowell-A&Rd cover version at Number One. QUITE RIGHT TOO.

We have a horrible feeling we are going to get spookily obsessed with the new Junior Senior single.


Still, if it means we can stop playing the James Blunt single ten times a day that has to be a good thing.

(EDIT: Yes, yes, thank you for your emails, let's just gloss over this and move on…)