Swedish trio NONONO's second album — due out later this year — is shaping up to be quite spec­tac­u­lar.

At the end of last year the band returned from a short hiatus with sparky stomper Masterpiece, following it this year with Lost Song and today with Friends, a song "about gaining strength by accepting your weak­nesses" whose video you can watch below.

(It's also worth noting that Tobias and Michel from the band were largely respons­ible for the amaz­ing­ness of Only You, ie the very best song on the last Zara Larsson album.)

If you are wondering what's going on in the video the directors, Joakim Envik and Erwin Semler, are on hand with an explan­a­tion. "The video," they note, "is an attempt to illus­trate a spectrum of insec­ur­it­ies vs feeling confident and how that context doesn’t always have to matter when it comes to a person’s psy­cho­lo­gical wellbeing."