In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify, you'll find that April 1 is not exactly a classic New Music Friday. But you'll also find:

  • The new Galantis song sounds like various other Galantis songs, ie very pleasant although does this mean 'Firebird' won't be a single because if so that is a very poor show.
  • Pet Shop Boys' album is out today — 'Burn' and 'Undertow' are the two Italobangers you need to know about.
  • That new Broods track that's great even if it doesn't do quite what you want it to do in the chorus is STREAMABLE TODAY.
  • The Lola O's follow-up to last year's fairly good 'Jolly' is called 'Rising Sun' and it's great.
  • The wobbly bobbly Bad W0lfy song we talked about yesterday makes it onto the New Music Friday playlist even though it came out yesterday.
  • In the world of endless topline writers throwing endless songs at endless tropical instru­ment­als until someone at a record label says yes, the Kygo single's a bit of a dis­ap­point­ment but the Tom & Hills / Jared Lee song 'Energy In Magic' is a decent enough stand-in, and has a great chorus where Jared goes "TELL TELL TELL ME! CAN! YOU! FEEL ENERGY IN MAGIC". (The Michael Cassette and Unterberg mixes are really good.)
  • Tell you what, the Jason Derulo song is proper shit.

We didn't include new music from 'Weezer', apols.

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