<strong>Notes on this week's new releases:</strong>
  <li>The whole <strong>Post Precious</strong> thing is shaping up rather nicely, right?</li>
  <li>This week, for the third song in a row, <strong>CHVRCHES</strong> broke the most sacred and some would say only rule of New Music Friday, with Never Say Die appearing yesterday. Yesterday, you may recall, was a Thursday. This may have been adjusted to accom­mod­ate Good Friday but the band's behaviour will not be tolerated in the future.</li>
  <li>The <strong>Digital Farm Animals</strong>, <strong>Shaun Frank</strong> and <strong>Dragonette</strong> song starts off sounding like an actually-quite-good Chainsmokers song and ends up — obviously, con­sid­er­ing the involve­ment of Dragonette — being amazing.</li>
  <li>The <strong>Hayley Kiyoko</strong> album's out today! It is good!</li>
  <li>The <strong>Kate Nash</strong> album's out today! It's better than a 2018 Kate Nash album has any right to be!!</li>
  <li>The <strong>Kasey Musgraves</strong> album's out today! It's… Well, it seems to be going down well; bit fucking boring though let's be honest!!!</li>
  <li><strong>Lady Gaga</strong>'s version of Your Song is very 'Lady Gaga doing Your Song'.</li>
  <li>Look there's no easy way to say this but Loleatta Holloway's Love Sensation gets some sort of 'treatment' every couple of years and in 2018 the honour has fallen to <strong>Flo Rida</strong>, who's turned it into a sort of happy-rappy Daft Punk song. That descrip­tion actually makes it sound really good but words, readers, can be deceiving.</li>
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