Song of the week:
Taylor Swift — 'Look What You Made Me Do'
The best single of the week for lots of reasons, which isn't to say it's not also the most frus­trat­ing. This track's about seven changed words away from being the most inter­est­ing pop statement of 2017: for instance switch "don't like your tilted stage" to "don't like your orange hair" and you've already got a totally different pop song. But she didn't do that, because of course she didn't do that. Instead we've just got a song that drags Taylor back into a narrative from which she sup­posedly — when it suited her — once hoped to be excluded. The best listening exper­i­ence involves viewing it all as an extension of the self-aware cari­ca­ture created in 'Blank Space', but it's probably not that is it?

Wrong of the week:
Rod Stewart and DNCE — 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'

Additional notes:

  • IMPORTANT: all future Lana Del Rey songs should should like the BloodPop remix of 'Lust For Life', please update your records.
  • The Fifth Harmony album is shit.
  • Léon: what a woman.
  • The new Temptress single is q nice.

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