Song of the week:
Rae Morris — 'Reborn'
Hot news from the 'acts you'd assumed had been dropped' desk: Rae Morris is back, she still has a proper record deal, and her new single is an absolute belter. If you're no fan of songs that fade at the end, you're going to love the way this one wraps things up.

Wrong of the week:
Fifth Harmony feat Gucci Mane — 'Down'
It's going some for another act to secure Wrong Of The Week when AronChupa and Little Sis Nora have unleashed Llama In My Living Room, but the Fifth Harmony comeback single is an ima­gin­a­tion-free dis­ap­point­ment that seems to be the sound of a band and team who simply cannot be fucked, which is confusing because this first post-Camila single should be the point where they prove that can be very fucked indeed. Let's just pretend Lauren's song on the Halsey album is the new Fifth Harmony single and move on with our lives.

Additional notes:

  • The MNEK-produced 5 After Midnight single seems to be the start of something good. (It sounds a lot like an MNEK song.)
  • Haiku Hands' debut single 'Not About You' is a sort of Charli XCX-meets-Kero Kero Bonito affair that opens with the line "I feel like I'm on one, banging on to someone, before it comes undone I'm gonna eat my cake". That's how to launch a pop career.
  • Lorde, the young person, has had a nice time going out.
  • After numerous delays THE DUA LIPA ALBUM HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. 'Bad Together' is our favourite of the 'new' songs. Eight (EIGHT) of this album's best tracks have already been released as singles or pro­mo­tional tracks, which creates a slightly unfair first-listen situation in which you go into the album searching for new music and in doing so you have to overlook pretty much an album's worth of pretty great tunes.
  • The Olly and Louisa single was released to DSPs a few days ago pre­sum­ably in an attempt to stand out from this week's other new releases or 'game the system' in terms of chart placings. Here's another way to stand out and do well in the charts: release a good song.

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