There's a chill in the air as a sense of expect­a­tion flashes in the eyes of children. That right: Q4 is here. In truth the relent­less, merciless, year-round onslaught of Big Pop in the streaming era means that The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year has lost some of its power to Qs 2, 3 and 1, so fair play to Ellie Goulding and Andrea 'Bocelli' Bocelli for this week's release of Return To Love. Classic Q4 scenes.

Additional notes on this week's new releases:

  • We've all heard vari­ations on DeathbyRomy's (pictured above) new single many, many times before from many, many different artists, but this par­tic­u­lar song by this par­tic­u­lar artist totally hits the spot.
  • The arrival of DJ Spoony's extremely polite reworking of early-2000s mega­banger Sweet Like Chocolate — with Lily Allen on vocals — is quite exciting, if only because its release means that his version of Sweet Female Attitude's Flowers, with Sugababes, is just around the corner.
  • The Swim Deep single is beautiful and very special.
  • Phoning it in this week: Joe Stone.