Notes on this week's new releases:

(Let's just preface this by saying it's the week before Christmas and everything's become quite strange.)

  • Loren Gray is a US YouTube person but don't let that put you off because everyone's basically a social media person now and Queen, her third song, is still quite good! Bonnie McKee and Captain Cuts are part of the team behind the song. The bit where "bow down on your knees" rhymes with "yes, your majesty" is offi­cially Not Bad.
  • Inauguration Address — 1/20/2009 hitmaker Barack Obama's got a song out, sort of, and all BBC Sound Of 2019 poll votes are now irrel­ev­ant.
  • Get a topline on that Alex Metric / Ten Ven track imme­di­ately.
  • Dido's gone Spotpop! The results are not great.
  • It's probably time to accept that Jimothy Lacoste will be a small-to-medium-sized concern in 2019, and that's no bad thing. (I Can Speak Spanish is still his best song.)
  • Chris Pine's track from the A Very Spidey Christmas EP is funny for one listen, which in fairness is one listen more than the LadBaby song manages.
  • It feels like Galantis are hurtling deeper and deeper into self parody at this stage. Nine months off would sort this out — they're too good for the make-hay-while-the-sun-shines career path.
  • All I Want by Calippo is mainly included on the playlist for reasons not relating to the song's quality. Those reasons are: 1) Has this song been released this week, and titled All I Want, in an attempt to gain acci­dental streams from people searching for Mariah Carey? 2) It permits yet another wheeling out of one of the all-time greatest facts, ie that Calippos were invented by a man called JOHN CALIPPO.