Song of the week:
Katy Perry feat Migos 'Bon Appétit'
With the world's social and political problems now solved pur­pose­ful pop takes a back seat on the new Katy single. 'Bon Appétit' (or 'Ciao Adios', as Anne-Marie sang it) is a strange single: when the chorus properly gets going (at 2:16) you've got a really inter­est­ing elec­tronic pop single that def­in­itely puts 'Bon Appétit' in Song Of The Week territory, but it's a frus­trat­ing listen: the song takes too long to get to the big reveal and it loses momentum every time Migos pop up. Strange that there wasn't the con­fid­ence to launch the single with a 100%-Pezza version before dropping the Migos remix four weeks later, if indeed at all.

Wrong of the week:
Afrojack, David Guetta and Ester Dean 'Another Life'
This week's playlist is fury-inducing, should-know-better nonsense from Kygo down but this effort really takes the shit-covered biscuit. Remember: there was a point in the studio where at least one person said: "Yes. This is good enough to release. Our work here is done."

Additional notes:

  • The new, Louisa Johnson-abetted version of AJR's 'Weak' actually works really well.
  • Blenda's 'Chill' is probably the nicest surprise of the week, but Fall Out Boy get a gold star for ref­er­en­cing Britney and chucking in a big "HEY!" on their new song.
  • You know you're in trouble when OneRepublic have Gone Tropical.
  • Rebecca & Fiona and Dolores Haze have both released better Charli XCX songs than the new Charli XCX song.
  • Good news Men Of A Certain Age: you get a Gorillaz album AND a Phoenix single today.
  • Something solid to cling to in a world gone mad: Aston Merrygold is still going.
  • Similarly if you were worried that seven days might have passed without new music from Dua Lipa, fear not: she's guesting on a Wale, Major Lazer and WizKid song.

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