Song of the week:
Julia Michaels — 'Worst In Me'
Today Julia Michaels releases a seven-track col­lec­tion, pleas­ingly billed in this era of endless EP releases as a 'mini-album', in which she pushes the very bound­ar­ies of WhisperPop™ and cements her position as one of 2017's most essential new popstars. 'Worst In Me' is our pick of the tracks but, to be honest, there's not a duff one among them.

Wrong of the week:
Yes Lad — 'Something More'
This, from a boyband several people may or may not dimly remember from last year's X Factor, is first recorded example of someone handing over the entire writing and pro­duc­tion of a pop song to someone from Fiverr.

Additional notes:

  • Due to failing to observe the most sacred law of New Music Friday Charli XCX is not eligible for Song Of The Week, but her early release of 'Boys' did mean she was eligible for the 2017 Twenty Quid Music Prize, so it's swings and round­abouts really.
  • OneRepublic have covered Oasis' 'Champagne Supernova' and the results aren't pretty.
  • After a couple of confusing releases Gryffin's back on track with a pretty sparky Sinead Harnett 'collab'.
  • Jay Hardway's 'Need It' isn't exactly rede­fin­ing the concept of elec­tronic music but it certainly hits the spot on a cloudy Friday.
  • Jessie Ware's single is pleasant.

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