The Song Of The Week is About Work The Dancefloor by Georgia.

Georgia's 2018 single Started Out was a slowburn stormer that even­tu­ally found its way into the Radio 1 playlist; Work The Dancefloor somehow ramps up both the pop and the art at the same time. There's something extremely sat­is­fy­ing about the way one of British pop's best emerging artists is coming out through Domino Records, a label more commonly asso­ci­ated with rather less Popjustice-friendly music. Perhaps the most sensible way for pop as a whole to navigate its way out the current DSP-pleasing algopop cul-de-sac is for more leftfield labels to give the old pop thing a whirl.

Additional notes:

  • Becky Hill, the popstar we need in an uncertain world, knocks it out of the park with I Could Get Used To This, the park in question being one that contains a massive com­mem­or­ative fountain/statue arrange­ment paying tribute to the almighty happysad pop power of the one and only Rebecca Claire Hill.
  • Welcome back, somewhat unex­pec­tedly, to The Veronicas. Pulsing electro wobbler Think Of Me is 8000 times better than any Veronicas single has any right to be in 2019. (This is also a good time to mention that the band's 2005 song 4Ever remains one of the Top 15 Max Martin songs in the entire history of Max Martin.)
  • Europa — the new col­lab­or­at­ive ravepop extra­vag­anza from Jax Jones and Martin Solveig — launches this week with All Day And Night. Madison Beer, who really feels like the's on the verge of doing something quite extraordin­ary in her own right, joins on vocals.
  • The Dog Blood / Skrillex / Boys Noize single sounds like being punched in the face feels, in a good way.
  • The Westlife single sound like being punched in the face feels, in a bad way.