The Song Of The Week is Someone New by Astrid S.

Astrid's new single — written with Charli XCX and Noonie Bao — was covered in some detail yesterday, and turns out to also be this week's best new release. There's so much con­fid­ence in the song's under­stated delivery, no more so than in the final moments of the middle eight, where for a moment everything com­pletely stops.

Additional notes:

  • No idea who Peachy Pavement are (this artist is involved) but Calling You is very promising indeed. Another song, Machine, is also out today.
  • There's a reward of sorts for anyone who makes it to the end credits of Netflix's Jonas Åkerlund-directed shitfest Polar — a great col­lab­or­a­tion between deadmau5 (who scored the entire film) and Lights.
  • Busted's Shipwrecked In Atlantis is billed as a con­tinu­ation of the band's olden days song Air Hostess. Does a plane crash count as a shipwreck? And even if it does, con­sid­er­ing Atlantis is submerged, does living there count as being ship­wrecked? Perhaps in the future everyone really does live under­wa­ter, making this a con­tinu­ation of two different Busted songs at once.
  • A companion piece to Busted's Shipwrecked… is Kella's sparky Trainwreck.
  • This week's New Music Friday selection threw up a song from cousn and a song from grandson, neither of which made the PJ playlist because they're not very good, but I suppose it's all relative.
  • A little joke for you there ladies and gentlemen.
  • This week also, cheerily, supplies the world with two different songs called When I Die. The better of the two, by ALMA, makes the playlist. It's a Justin Tranter cowrite.