We'd say this is the best email we've received all week but as those of you who follow us on Twitter know we've already received one from the Christopher Maloney mailing list since Monday, and there was another one about Emeli Sandé ordering a vegan meal in a res­taur­ant, but the news that Busted and McFly are forming some sort of super­group is still pretty exciting.

The event outlined above is taking place on Monday.

Here's what we would like to happen:

1. Busted need to acknow­ledge the sig­ni­fic­ance of the venue.

2. The breakfast needs to involve a sausage.

3. The whole thing must be tied in with a TV show and that TV show must be on ITV2. Only ITV2 can really fulfil the potential of this pop­cul­tural extra­vag­anza. Hopefully it will reach the dizzy heights of America Or Busted, the not-really-remembered show Busted did for MTV 'back in the day'.

4. Ideally the TV show will be about the general LOLs that surely exist in any and all obviously engin­eered McFlusted situ­ations, but in terms of a story arc you're going to be looking at either the sextet's repeated attempts to get Charlie to sign up OR the band's quest to find A New Charlie.

5. When the six-piece starts 'gigging', support must be provided by 'Hip To Hip' hitmakers V. NOT THE VAMPS.

6. There need to be new Busted songs which pick up where old Busted songs left off, a bit like sequels set ten years on. So there needs to be a follow-up to 'What I Go To School For' in which Miss Mackenzie, by this point a broken woman, reflects on the instant dismissal and criminal charges that arose after her affair with a pupil became public. There also needs to be a song called 'Year 3010'.

7. Hopefully there will be some recog­ni­tion of the fact that Matt's solo album was actually really good.

8. If the breakfast could also involve fried eggs that would be great.

9. We'd like more emphasis on Busted than McFly if possible, McFly haven't been out of the public eye for long (ie at all) and for that reason the McFlusted press con­fer­ence thing cannot be more than 38% about them.

10. Actually some nice black pudding would also be good vis-à-vis the whole breakfast thing, cheers.