Pop's been banging on for over sixty years. With each week that passes, the ever-intensi­fy­ing challenge for song­writers is this: find a new way to talk about love. Find a new way to approach pop's default setting. Find a new way to make sense of something that makes no sense.

Over the last few years Lily Allen's found a few novel ways to talk about love but 'Yummy', a song ori­gin­ally written for the Bridget Jones musical, is her most daring attempt yet.


Here's how it was discussed when we had a chat a couple of months ago.

What’s the best song you’ve written for Bridget Jones?
It’s called ‘Yummy’ and it’s Bridget singing to a fridge.

A love song to a fridge.

Lily's having an everything-must-go clearout on SoundCloud today and along with some (rather good) songs from the 'Sheezus' sessions we find 'Yummy'.

Here it is.

You might be impressed by Sia's ongoing attempt to romantic­ally alleg­or­ise an entire dictionary's worth of inanimate objects, but we reckon Lily has set the bar pretty high with this one.

This is pretty much laying down a gauntlet to all other pop tun­e­smiths: NO to smug love songs, YES to Smeg love s(YOU'RE FIRED — ED)