As you may have gathered from our Big Song writeup of 'My Calculator' the other day, we're rather taken with the new album by New Zealand singer of song Zowie.

The album's not legally available in the UK yet which is fairly fucking annoying to be honest but the good news is that you can stream the whole thing on SoundCloud and, as you can hear right here, it is PRETTY BLOODY GOOD.

A jolly excellent album, we are sure you agree.

Questions needing answers

1. Why isn't anyone in the UK making music like/as good as this?

2. If there are people in the UK making music like/as good as this, who are they?

3. When is Zowie coming to the UK to do a load of 'buzz-building' gigs and inter­views with the hint of a full album release at some point in the future, leading to an ulti­mately dis­ap­point­ing level of success thanks to the half-arsed efforts of someone at Sony's London office who didn't really want to work it but was made to because times are tight and we've all got to work on things we don't want to work on and if you don't like it you know where the door is?

4. That's it on the questions front.