When did Elle King's 'Ex's And Oh's' first appear? It must be getting on for a year or so ago now. We read about it on MuuMuse or something when it first popped up and Bradley's post about the song was last September so:

1. Yes it was about a year ago.

2. Here we are in 2015.

So that's a year of getting annoyed that the title isn't 'Exes & Ohs', but it's also a year of coming back to the song again and again and again on account of its obvious amaz­ing­ness. The video for the single is 100% terrible so we'd advise against watching (it's here, seriously don't watch it), but the song is huge.

Perhaps you will agree that this is the sort of song — and there aren't many around, when you think about it — that launches artists out of nowhere. Perhaps you also agree that this sounds like a massive radio hit and therefore, quite possibly, a UK Number One single.

But how's it doing in America, which is where Elle is from and still lives?

Thanks for asking. Well despite being around since last year the song's now sailing up for US chart (it went up to Number 50 this week) and is due for release in the UK sooner rather than later. She played some UK live dates a week or so ago; someone we know went to see her and said it was good but he'd probably been drinking quite heavily that night so his musings are unre­li­able.

ANYWAY if (when) 'Ex's & Oh's' does pick up momentum in the UK you can pre­sum­ably expect to see Elle popping up on things like the BBC Sound Of 2016 longlist, even though she first signed her deal quite a long time ago and the rest of her music doesn't really sound like this. Still, a stomping mega­banger is a stomping mega­banger whichever way you look at it, right?