Madonna, the singer, started her Rebel Heart tour in Montreal last night and here's a list of the songs she performed and the order she performed them in.

As you'll notice, quite a few above average songs got an 'airing'. She also did 'Candy Shop'.

Bitch I'm Madonna
Burning Up
Holy Water / Vogue
Devil Pray

Messiah Interlude

Body Shop
True Blue
Deeper and Deeper <<<<< AMAZING
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Like a Virgin

S.E.X. Interlude

Living for Love
La Isla Bonita
Dress You Up / Into The Groove / Everybody / Lucky Star <<<<< OPPOSITE OF A TOILET BREAK
Who's That Girl
Rebel Heart

Illuminati Interlude <<<<< TOILET BREAK

Music / Get Stupid
Candy Shop <<<<< OH DEAR
Material Girl
La vie en rose
Unapologetic Bitch
Holiday <<<<< AMAZING