Beats 1's Ebro Darden had a chat with Dua Lipa yesterday. Apparently with about thirty seconds' notice.

Have you heard many of Ebro's inter­views before? He's good at inter­views. But this one is abso­lutely EXTRAORDINARY.

Ebro: "I didn't know much about you."

Ebro: "What is Dua Lipa? What is that?"
Dua: "It's my real name."
Ebro: "It's not a nickname?"
Dua: "Dua's my first name. Lipa's my surname."

Ebro: "Albania."
Dua: "Right."
Ebro: "Kosovo's the capital."
Dua: "No."
Ebro: "Break it down for me."

That's just the first 45 seconds. Dua copes very well under the cir­cum­stances.