The new Pet Shop Boys single 'Winner' is out now. Here's how to buy it.

1. Don't go to iTunes

Well you could, but at the time of writing it's not there yet. Instead, head over to and buy it there. It's 89 pence. (It will be on iTunes later today.)

EDIT: We've just heard that it's going to be taken down off Amazon, and will magically reappear there (and on iTunes) tomorrow.

2. Give it a listen before you buy it

It's a good song, but 89 pence is still 89 pence. There is a play button on Amazon. If you press it the song plays. Listen to it with your ears. If you're still keen on making this purchase, go to step three.

3. Complete you purchase and download the MP3.

This is what it will look like on your computer. It looks pretty good, right? But there's more that you can do with this 'MP3 file' than just look at it. Give it a double click and you'll be surprised what happens.

4. Listen to the song

Ker-pow! As if by magic, the new Pet Shop Boys single is playing in your iTunes, or another MP3 player if you've got something else set as your default but despite its various faults iTunes is the best one out there so if you're using something else you're a fool to yourself.