This is precisely the short of clip that does not stay on YouTube for very long unless it's an author­ised plant, but here's some of The Radiant Cheryl Cole's comeback single 'Promise This'.

[youtube]zqROBk2VJpg[/youtube] On one hand it seems a bit melo­dra­matic. Equally, if you can't be melo­dra­matic about almost dying what on Earth can you be melo­dra­matic about?

We look forward, as they say, to hearing the song in full.

Early thoughts from Popjustice forum members:

"I can't believe this actually sounds good."

"I can see myself loving this down the road but not sure right now."

"Why on earth is the intro a sample of Alouette? Other than that, it sounds like it could be good."

"It's funny how this 40 second LQ leak has already received a far more positive reception than the official premiere of Fight for this Love did. I must say, as a non-Cherly fan I'm really excited about hearing this in full, it isn't at all what I was expecting but I'm pleas­antly surprised by how fun, upbeat and electro it is. A killer chorus to seal the deal please."

"Already this sounds better that the whole of 3 Words. I just might like it."

"I am pleas­antly surprised by how much I like the clip, espe­cially since the "3 Words" album was dev­ast­at­ingly dis­ap­point­ing for me."

"Sounds mediocre. Shall wait for the full version though, but so far I'm not impressed."

"It sounds like a Girls Aloud b-side so it's a step in the right direction Cheryl."

"I think I may have just died!"

More dis­cus­sion here if you've got the stomach for it.