10:12am: Morning! We got a thing in the post today, accom­pan­ied by this letter.

If you can guess what the pro­mo­tional gift is, you can have it. Remember the clues: the band are called CLOCKS and the next single is called OLD VALVE RADIO. Email your ideas to…

com­pet­i­tion closed

…by 11am (ie you have 45 minutes).

11:00am: The moment of truth! Here are a few of the guesses we've had so far.

"Would it be a digital alarm clock? One of those that has a clock on it and plays the radio to wake you up??
"OMG is it a radio alarm clock?"
"Could it possibly be a Clock Radio??? Or is that just TOO obvious haha"
"could quite do with a new radio-alarm to be honest."
"Everybody else will probably be looking for comedy answers so I'm going to go for: a clock radio."
"is it a clock radio by any chance"
"Are they clock radios?? Are they cool clock radios?"
"A Radio with a clock on it?"
"Is it a CLOCK RADIO? No, it can’t be. But that’s my guess."
"A radio alarm clock."
"Is it a clock radio?"
"Is it one of those cool clocks with wheels that drive off your bedside table so you have to chase it around and therefore get out of bed?"
could it possibly be a radio alarm clock."
"Is the mystery pro­mo­tional item a clock radio? I almost wrote cock radio. I will accept either."
"Is it by any chance a DAB radio that looks like an old valve radio (with a clock in it)?"
"Is it maybe a Clock Radio?!"
"it is one of those DAB radios (with a clock!!) with pre­ten­tious valve speaker thing, like in The Olden Days."
"Is the answer a Clock Radio?"
"Well, surely it's a '50s-style valve clock? But that's too obvious, isn't it? Bollocks. I should have said clockwork radio."

And the answer is…

A Russion doll with a USB stick inside it.

Better luck next time, readers…