At the end of last week we asked people over on the Popjustice Facebook page who they would like to see rep­res­ent­ing the United Kingdom at this year's Eurovision Contest Of Song.

The votes have now been counted (by Facebook) and screen­grabbed (by us) and are as follows:


We'd be happy with all but two of those. Perhaps the whole lot could join together to create some sort of SUPERCHOIR.

Then again, over the weekend, there was a bit more chat about rumours that seem to have been floating around for the last week or two regarding Kimberley 'Walsho' Walsh being the UK entrant.

We haven't asked anyone to confirm or deny this rumour because it's 2013 and that's just not how it works any more, sorry everyone, but what would be good, right, is if Walsho did indeed go off to represent the UK, accom­pan­ied by four familiar backing vocalists.

That would be amazing, right? RIGHT?

Come on guys.

(By 'four familiar faces we're talking about the rest of Girls Aloud by the way, not Palma Violets.)