With tedious inev­it­ab­il­ity something I've heard a lot about over the last few years is a pretty toxic atmo­sphere in writing sessions and writing camps where women and LGBTQ+ creatives are shouted down, overruled, ignored and generally treated badly by Men In The Room. One song­writer told me that their ideas would only be con­sidered worthy by a producer when they were relayed via a (straight male) co-writer. Jesus, quite literally, Christ.

Anyway that all comes to mind because MNEK has today announced MNEK x Pride WC (the WC is writing camp, it's not being held in a toilet). MNEK will be there, obviously. Olly Alexander, Kloe, L Devine, Ryan Ashley and Rina Sawayama will also be banging out hits, along with producers like Jon Shave off Invisible Men, Sakima and Leo Kalyan.

A good group of people. Well, I haven't met all of them, maybe L Devine's a horror, but you'd assume MNEK is a good judge of character. Speaking of which here's MNEK himself, who told a press release:

"I’ve set up this camp to have a couple days spe­cific­ally for Pride but to also invite some LGBT talent that I really rate to col­lab­or­ate with each other. The community is so creative and full of really gifted writers and producers so I’m really excited that we are getting to come together, be there for each other and make music for this camp!”

I can't be the only one hoping that first thing to come out of this is a massive Band Aid-style col­la­banger. (The camp's taking place on July 4–5, so a full release with video on July 12 doesn't feel like it's asking too much.) Whatever else they come up with is a bonus.