'Little Baby Sheezus' is the name Lily Allen should have given to the Christmas album repack that should have happened about a month ago.

We have made some artwork for the fantasy album and we think you will agree that this one would have FLOWN off the shelves.


Or — if you will — 'flown off the elves'!!

The annoying thing about the lack of a 'Sheezus' repack is that there was LOADS of stuff she could have put on it. Really good stuff, too. Except Lily being Lily, she uploaded the demos to her SoundCloud during the summer. There wasn't a huge amount of fuss when the tracks appeared, probably as the album hadn't been out long and there was already fuss about that. But it's a shame the demos didn't get much attention because they were really great.

Give them a listen below.

There's always a lot of noise and whining around a Lily Allen album release, and we're as guilty as anyone of egging her on, but it's important every now and again to sit down and have a proper think about what a great pop thing she is. And what better time than Christmas for just such a period of reflec­tion? Pour yourself a sherry. Do eggnog shots if the mood takes you. But take a few minutes to mull over the whining (<<< CHRISTMAS REFERENCE) and realise how irrel­ev­ant most of it is.