News > January 30, 2013 has dismissed the various leaked tracklistings for his album as “hocus-pocus bogus” has dismissed leaked tracklistings for this forthcoming opus ‘#willpower’ as “hocus-pocus bogus” in an interview with MTV.

“A lot of those track lists are hocus-pocus bogus, but I remain focused. But I’m not going to smoke this,” he opined when asked about whether any of the leaked song titles were accurate.

will also had some words of wisdom about the very notion of what an album even is these days: “I think an album is a song [then] four or five months later another song, and then a couple months later another song. I wanted to change the cycle and the process of putting out songs as it relates to an album, whatever that is nowadays.”

Asked when the world might be able to endure this masterpiece, will said: “This record will be out before the Easter Bunny comes hoppin’.”

So that’s something to look forward to.