News > September 28, 2012

Sia and Kelly Clarkson have been chatting away about a possible collaboration

Two of our favourite popstars – Sia and Kelly Clarkson – have been having a chat on Twitter about working together on some new songs.


Here’s basically what happened. Kelly Clarkson covered Sia’s classic blubathon ‘Breathe Me’ in a live scenario, which prompted Sia to send her congratulations (“I LOVE YOU GIRL”).

Clarko then replied saying it was one of her favourite songs of all time, to which Sia then replied: “Nice to meet you! I’ve been trying to write you a hit and will continue to submit things! Hugs!”

Knowing a good thing when she sees it, Clarkson replied with an understated “hell yes! Send me songs!”, to which Sia said: “here comes the sauce!”