News > September 3, 2012

Robbie Williams’ new album now has a title, artwork and tracklisting

Robbie Williams has ‘unveiled’ the title, artwork and tracklisting for his new album ‘Take The Crown’.

Above is the image you’ll see if you buy the standard edition, but apparently that’s limited to the first production run of the CD, so if you get the ‘deluxe’ edition or you’re late buying the standard issue you’ll see the image below.

The album’s out on November 5 and is preceded by the single ‘Candy’, which was co-written by Gary Barlow (uh-oh) and will be out on October 29.

1. Be A Boy
2. Gospel
3. Candy
4. Different
5. Shit On The Radio
6. All That I Want
7. Hunting For You
8. Into The Silence
9. Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
10. Not Like The Others
11. Losers (featuring Lissie)

12. Reverse
13. Eight Letters

1. Making The Album – It’s Not Like The Others (Behind The Scenes)
2. The Candyman Day 1 (Behind The Scenes)
3. The Candyman Day 2 (Behind The Scenes)

There’s more information on it all here.