News > January 3, 2013

Pink’s being sued by some people who worked on her debut album

PINK DRESSMulti-millionaire P’!’nk is being sued for $36,213.31 by producers who worked on her debut album, ‘Can’t Take Me Home’.

Specialists Entertainment and Thunderstone Productions filed the lawsuit in New York last month claiming they’re owed the royalties for work on the album’s title track and the song ‘Hiccup’.

According to Ace Showbiz, one of Pink’s representatives has basically said it’s got nothing to do with the ‘Last To Know’ hitmaker and that they should take it up with her label, Sony.

Mind you, Sony are saying they paid the money in a cheque but that it went to the wrong company so they won’t pay it again until they can get their money back in the first place.

Surely Pink can just lend it to them or something?

Anyway, that’s what’s happening with Pink at the moment.