News > December 3, 2012

Justin Bieber’s aware that even his fans are probably a bit bored of his music

Justin Bieber reckons his fans get bored of his music because they can hear it everywhere they go.

Talking to Style magazine (as quoted here), the ‘Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas’ hitmaker explained: “People get bored. Everything is so accessible that they get sick of things.”

“A new song gets old quickly, because fans can go on the internet and watch it so many times in a row,” he continued. “You have to be creative fast.”

“If I stayed doing the music I did on my last album, they’d get bored,” he said, hinting that his current Justin Timberlake phase may be coming to an end. “They’ve already had that. I just have to give more and more.”

We think if you swap ‘give’ to ‘sell’ in that last quote it all makes a bit more sense but there you go.