Jessie Ware’s new US-only EP has some songs you can dance to on it

Jessie Ware’s been chatting away about her new America-only EP, ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’.

Talking to the Village Voice about the EP, which comes out on January 15 via Cherrytree Records, the ‘Night Light’ hitmaker said: “There will be a song off the album on there, and then some extras. I just think it’s quite a fun way to start the year in America.”

“They [the people of America] can expect a lot of me talking about love and exploring how to make an album – there’s loads of genres in there. I’ve got so many influences in there, so I’ve tried to combine them all into a big melting pot and hope it works,” she continued.

Mind you, it won’t all be songs you can only listen to when you’re sitting down.

“There are a few songs you can listen to when you’re dancing, too,” she added.

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