News > December 18, 2012

Garbage will be recording some new songs but probably not a new album just yet to be honest

Garbage are going back in the studio early next year to make some music that won’t necessarily be released as an actual album.

“The good thing now is we don’t even need to think in terms of an album, so we’re just thinking in terms of new music, which actually really works in our favor,” Shirley Manson told Rolling Stone in this here interview. Rolling Stone is an American publication, hence the absurd spelling of ‘favour’.

“Historically, we’ve worked slow because we’ve toured so much – we go and spend a year making a record, then we go back out on the road. Now we realize [SHE MEANS ‘REALISE’] we can do two or three tracks, release these tracks and then go on the road.”

This isn’t the only sudden realisation they’ve had of late either. Asked about releasing their last album independently, Manno added:

“There has been a certain cutting of the strings. That’s a really powerful experience when you’re creative people, to actually have the guts to not care anymore.”

“It sounds really callous and to me, it’s the complete opposite. It’s being honest and authentic. That speaks to people and I think that’s why we still enjoy a career where others have failed, ’cause we finally figured it out. I think we were a wee bit slow.”

And that is that.