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Nov 26

Example doesn’t think he’s likely to win a Brit :(

Story filed by Marc Ridley on November 26, 2012

Example has been talking about how he expects to be ignored in the shortlists at the Brits next year.

Speaking to the Daily Star – as one does – Example said: “The Brits is very much a major label party and I’m on Ministry, which is an independent. Regardless of how many records I’ve sold or how much success I’ve had, they wouldn’t acknowledge me.”

It’s alright though, don’t worry.

“I don’t really mind because if you look at the Brits over the last four, five years, there’s plenty of people who have won awards and then disappeared.”

That’s the spirit Gleavo.

He also had some mildly interesting things to say about his new album, which was released last week. “It’s rock, electronic and all guitars. I’ve always tried to make different-sounding albums and suppose it’s my voice that gives them a unique sound.”