News > January 30, 2013

Dido isn’t much of a talker if she’s being honest

Dido newDido doesn’t really like speaking all that much.

This didn’t stop the ‘Us 2 Little Gods’ hitmaker talking about it though (quoted here), noting: “Music has been my thing since I was a little kid. My brain just doesn’t work as well with other things.”

“If I look out of the window, I’ll see it in terms of music,” she went on. “If I was a good talker, well, I’d talk instead. But I’m not. That’s why I write songs.”

This is sort of interesting so go on.

”I can’t write if I think people are actually going to hear it. It would be like writing a diary, closing it and knowing that, immediately, someone is going to pick it up and read what you have written. You have to lose that. That’s why, at the end of every record, I sort of disappear for a bit and shake that off.”

So now you know.