News > January 28, 2013

Charli XCX is interested in excxrement

Charli-XCXCharli XCX has been discussing her interest in actual human shit.

Listing some of her favourite things for Pitchfork (OF COURSE), the ‘Nuclear Seasons’ hitmaker exclaimed: “I’m fascinated by poo, but not in a way where I poke at it and touch it – that’s weird. But I openly talk about poo.”

And what do you find so interesting about it all, Charli?

“I find it really interesting that everyone gets so freaked out by it. To me it’s just like, whatever, you just did a poo, it’s fine. You don’t have to lie. Everyone knows you did a poo because you were gone for five minutes.”

Five minutes? That’s practically a poo-clear season!

Elsewhere in Pitchfork’s journalistic odyssey Charli revealed that she likes to pick her nose a lot.

“I do it all the time, I don’t even hide it,” she notes. “All my friends know that I do it. I actually have loads of really disgusting habits.”

Let’s stop there shall we.