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January 21, 2014

Little Mix – ‘Word Up!’

Released: March 16, 2014
Label: Syco
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The official best-to-worst list of 'Word Up!'s now reads as follows:

1. The Cameo one
2. The Melanie G one which is better than you remember it being
3. This one
4. The GUN one
1,00,008. The Korn one

The official best-to-worst list of BBC Sport Relief singles now reads as follows:

1. 'Some Girls' by Rachel Stevens
2. 'Better in Time'/'Footprints In The Sand' [aka 'Ipero Misayooooo'] by Leona Lewis
3. 'Word Up!' by Little Mix
3. 'Your Song' by Elton John and Alessandro Safina
5. 'Don't Stop Me Now'/'Please, Please' by McFly
6. 'Proud' by JLS
7. 'Morning Sun' by Robbie Williams

With three exceptions that's a real "any old shit you've got knocking around" list of releases isn't it.

(Radio rip below, we'll replace it when the official audio's live.)




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