Little Boots – ‘Motorway’

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Almost two years ago, Little Boots unveiled a brand new song called 'Motorway' in Popjustice's room. This is what we wrote about it at the time. 

You can't hurry good pop - well, Little Boots certainly won't - and today 'Motorway' is ready for widespread consumption. It's the lead track from Boots' exquisitely subdued second album, 'Nocturnes', and it sets the mood brilliantly.

(Also, at almost five minutes long, it continues the 2013 longsong takeover, as set in motion by Justin Timberlake's 'Mirrors'.)

According to the YouTube blurb you can get 'Motorway' as a download at Little Boots' website but we can see how to make that work. EDIT: As Booto herself has pointed out in the comments below, it's working now.

May 2013 (album)
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