Kylie Minogue – ‘Skirt’

We're giving this song 7/10.
  • It's a new song!
  • It's not exactly 'Love At First Sight' but nor is it total shit!
  • It's got some not-what-you'd-call-subtle dubstep bits in it but don't worry there's a proper chorus if you can get past all the noise!

What appears to have happened here is that while we were all in bed, Chris Lake was doing a spot of 'disc jockeying' in an Ibiza nitespot, decided to spin a brand new waxing by Kylie Minogue (which he produced with Marco Lys under their Nom De Strip nom de pop), then also decided to whack it into his SoundCloud so everyone else could hear it too.

One great thing about this song - which, MuuMuse note, was co-written by The-Dream -  is that just when you think the whole thing's going to be an interminable bloody racket, it explodes into a fairly substantial Kylie Moment.

We don't know if this is a finished song or a work in progress, a single or a free download, a sign of what's to come or a complete anomaly, so it's hard to know what it all means. What we do know is that it is Kylie Minogue's birthday today, so that's quite nice isn't it.

We're giving this song 7/10.
Who knows?
We've lost track to be honest
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