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The salient points

  • She's Welsh but has some Greek in her as it were hence the name Marina Lambrini Diamandis (that doesn't really explain the Welsh bit, unless that's why Lambrini is there).
  • 'The Diamonds' are her fans, not actual diamonds. That would just sound boastful.
  • Before she was signed, Marina auditioned for The Lion King AND an all-male reggae band. Neither of these things worked out as she is not a lion or a man.
  • Nor is she a robot.
  • Her debut album, The Family Jewels is highly listenable. Ecoute.
  • In 2011 she created the alter-ego Electra Heart and it was all meant to represent something important about America or something.
  • Still, 'Radioactive' was all shades of amazing.

  • Also, the second album, 'Electra Heart', was a fine example of modern pop amazingness.

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