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Madeon looking up An extremely long interview with Madeon
"I say one funny weird thing and that becomes the ...
October 11, 2012 in Interviews & Features


Madeon Exclusivité: Madeon and Charli XCX actually worked on two songs for his new album
Likely genius Madeon's SENSATIONALLY REVEALED to Popjustice that the song 'OK' on his ...
January 20, 2015 in The News
Madeon Charli XCX and Dan off Bastille are on Madeon’s ‘Adventure’ album
Probable genius Madeon has dumped a load of information about his new ...
January 19, 2015 in The News
Madeon looking up Madeon’s finally finished his album and is allowed to take the rest of the year off
BOOM! Madeon's new album is finished. BANG! It's called 'Adventure'. CRASH! It ...
December 10, 2014 in The News
Lorde Lorde is the most influential under-21-year-old according to Billboard
Lorde has 'topped' Billboard's annual 21 Under 21 list. Aiming to find "music’s ...
September 25, 2014 in The News

From The Briefing

Madeon Madeon continues to challenge pop norms in his new ‘You’re On’ live video
It's been a turbulent week for pop what with Rihanna's eyebrows and ...
March 26, 2015 in The Briefing
VINE It’s the Vines we’ll count down
To be quite honest readers we started with the headline - which ...
February 7, 2013 in Noteworthy, The Briefing
madeonrectangle We like the way Madeon thinks
So your friend and ours Madeon said this Then we said this Then he said this Then we said this Then he said this Then ...
January 17, 2013 in Noteworthy, The Briefing
madeonrectangle How do we love Madeon? Let us count the ways
1. Madeon - Shuriken 2. The Beatles - A Day In ...
June 25, 2012 in The Briefing