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The salient points

  • Leona was the first person to win The X Factor and not piss it up the wall by being rubbish.
  • Her voice is, frankly, ridiculous.
  • This duet with Take That is pretty high in the amazing stakes
  • 'Bleeding Love' is a bit of a classic and even reached the Number One spot in America, as did her album 'Spirit'. You go girl, etc etc.
  • Her second album, 'Echo', had it's moments but didn't sell as well.
  • Her third album, 'Glassheart' (yes, it's one word) features contributions from the likes of Autumn Rowe, Ryan Tedder, Sandy Vee and Fraser T Smith, except the 'big comeback single' 'Collide' turned out not to be very big and then the album release was put back and then an EP of covers came out and then the album went back AGAIN and then Leona decided to spend most of her time with horses and it all looked a bit iffy.
  • And then the album did finally come out in October 2012 and although it went Top Ten it wasn't the salesathon everyone (Syco, The X Factor) hoped it would be and the second single 'Lovebird' only sold about 700 copies and to be honest she needs to have a bit of a rethink.
  • Still, 'Glassheart', the song, is amazing and could rescue everything if someone actually decided to release it as a single.

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