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The salient points

  • The first important thing about Kylie Minogue is that the cover for her debut album depicted her wearing a hat made of her own hair. Amazing.
  • The second important thing about Kylie Minogue is that she's done so many different things that everyone has a different idea of what her music should be like.
  • However, anyone who doesn't think that 'Fever' and 'Rhythm of Love' and 'Light Years' are masterpiece albums is probably a bit simple.
  • Like Madonna she's veered pretty close to the dumper on occasion, but those moments only make her spectacular returns all the more spectacular.
  • 2010's 'Aphrodite' is a very good album but her label made some bad single choices. There, we said it.
  • To celebrate her 25th year in the world of pop she toured the world (well, Australia and the UK) playing  b-sides, rarities and 'fan favourites'. She also covered some of her own songs in a 'stripped back' style.
  • We love her a lot.

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