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Florence Florence ‘+’ The Machine’s new single is now on the internet
There's another new Florence '+' The Machine song called 'Ship To Wreck' on the internet and this one seems to ...
April 8, 2015 in The News
Florence Florence ‘+’ The Machine’s new album now has a title, a release date and some song titles
Florence '+' The Machine have/has announced various things about their/her album, ...
February 12, 2015 in The News
Rihanna A new Rihanna song’s been registered. Florence Welch is on it.
A new Rihanna song called 'A Night' has been registered and it ...
January 20, 2015 in The News
Florence-Spectrum-e1338566731347-250x239 Florence Welch has indeed been writing some new songs but they’re not done yet
Florence Welch of Florence '+' The Machine fame has confirmed that she/they ...
June 6, 2014 in The News
Gatsby Lots of quite good popstars (and Gotye) are on the Great Gatsby soundtrack
The tracklisting for The Great Gatsby soundtrack has been ...
April 4, 2013 in The News

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