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The salient points

  • Calvin Harris is very tall, possibly about 6 foot 6 inches. "Wow".
  • As well as his own singles - 'Acceptable In The '80s', 'The Girls', 'I'm Not Alone', etc etc - Harris has produced songs for Kylie, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Example and Dizzee Rascal.
  • And The Mitchell Brothers.
  • 'Dance Wiv Me' is good, isn't it?
  • He did, however, turn down the chance to produce a Lady Gaga song, which was a bit of an error but what can you do eh viewers?
  • In 2009, Harris 'stormed the stage' during one of John & Edward's X Factor performances. He was wearing a pineapple for a hat and he wiggled his bottom in their general direction.
  • Louis Walsh accused Harris of trying to "cash in" in on Jedward's fame.
  • In 2011 'Harro' released 'Bounce', which featured Kelis and was highly listenable, as well as a song with Rihanna called 'We Found Love'.
  • He did some stuff with Scissor Sisters on their 2012 comeback single 'Only The Horses'. Fancy that!

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