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The salient points

  • Bright Light Bright Light is the popstar name of Rod Thomas.
  • The name comes from Gremlins 2, wouldn't you know.
  • Bright Light Bright Light, that is. Not Rod Thomas.
  • The music is very much of the Great British Electropop Tradition, in the vein of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Depeche Mode etc etc.
  • His 2011 single 'Disco Moment' is literally amazing and does the whole 'tears on the dancefloor' thing very well indeed.
  • Live shows have featured "silver foil hats, a lot of dry ice and a bare-chested male dancer doing the robot", which, while not exactly a stretch for an electropop live show, still sounds approximately 57 times better than enduring James Blake squelching his way through an hour-long underwater-dubstep borefest.
  • Yes that is a beard you see in the photograph.
  • His debut album 'Make Me Believe In Hope' is really quite good and if you haven't heard it then you're a fool only to yourself.
  • For example.

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