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The salient points

  • Annie is Norwegian, which is in Scandinavia, ie the part of the planet from which most good pop emerges.
  • She's one of those popstars liked by critics and people who don't like pop music, which generally means nobody buys her albums. This, of course, does not mean she's not amazing, because as it happens she's also liked by people who fucking love pop music.
  • Amazingess: Exhibit A. Exhibit B.
  • Over the space of two albums ('Anniemal' and 'Don't Stop') Annie's roped in Richard X, Xenomania, Paul Epworth and Röyksopp on production duties, which is pretty good going.
  • She once recorded a song with Girls Aloud but their vocals were removed after their two record labels had some kind of boring argument.
  • At the start of 2012 it was announced that Annie would release three EPs over the course of the year and everyone went into brief meltdown mode.
  • She co-wrote Mini Viva (RIP)'s 'Left My Heart In Tokyo'. Well done Annie.

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