Bloody hell

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s previewed another new song in a live scenario, and this one’s called ‘Manicure’

Overnight, Lady Gaga popped another rehearsal video thing online, this time showing her doing asong called ‘Manicure’. It’s ‘quite something’. [youtube]Z6NWuC80zv4[/youtube] Also, note the big white piano in the background. :(


So Duncan Bannatyne’s launching a boyband on his own record label.

Look we know you’re excited but before you watch the video for ‘One In A Million’, and you will never be able to unwatch it, here are ten key points regarding Reconnected: 1. You may recognise them (we didn’t) from appearing on Britain’s Got Talent with a slightly different lineup. In […]


Sorry Alexandra Burke, there is a new definitive version of ‘Hallelujah’

Well it’s been a while since anyone attempted to better Alexandra Burke’s culture-redefining take on ‘Hallelujah’ but Canadian disco queen France Joli (this one, come on keep up at the back) has well and truly done the business with her new version of the song. This video comes via a PJ […]